Philipp Ratz

PhD Student at UQAM

201 Av. du Président-Kennedy

Montréal QC H2X 3Y7

Hi and welcome to my webpage. I am a PhD student based in Montreal, where I work towards a degree in Mathematics under the supervision of Arthur Charpentier. My research interests are centred at the intersection of Econometrics and Machine Learning. Specifically, I am interested in Optimal Transport, Reinforcement Learning and Semi- and Nonparametric modelling of Time Series. Further, I am also a member of the Joint Research Initiative for Unusual Data for Insurance, where I worked on Graph-Problems.

Before rejoining academia I was employed as a Data Scientist where I worked mostly in Customer Analytics. There, I got to both love and hate Python. For my undergraduate and graduate degrees I spent time in Geneva (CH), Bonn (DE) and Paris (FR).

In my spare time, I like to cook, visit the local fastfood joints and spend time outdoors.